Tech trends for nonprofits and museums

Using Immersive Technology to add another layer to an experience

Museums and other spaces are rich with cultural, art, and literary history. But so often, outside of a brief description of the piece on the wall there is so much more of a story to tell.  The issue has always been an aesthetic one. How do you tell a complete story of a piece of art, or a place without it seeming too busy?  

With AR, your visitors have the option to delve as deep as they want into anything they see, adding an option and a choice to what they are experiencing. 

Analytics that matter - using Augmented Reality Scans to track user engagement

More than ever before content is key, now you can easily see how and what visitors are engaging with the most in a space. By using machine learning and data, you can see trends of what people find most engaging.

Meaningful engagement with visitors long after they’ve left an exhibit.

Normally the only thing people take home with them from a museum or zoo is a pamphlet and memories and experiences. But what if they’re could be more?

With Augmented Reality, the things they visit and viewed can be saved to review at a later time, strengthening a connection. Also new offers or new and upcoming collections can be viewed on their device, building excitement for the next trip.