What Drives Mobile Consumers to Engage with Emails?

What drives a consumer to open an email on their mobile device? What irritates them most about email marketing messages on mobile devices? When do consumers typically read promotional emails?

Interesting factoid:

  • 45 percent of respondents are inspired to open mobile marketing emails due to both compelling text and graphics; only two percent are motivated solely by graphics, once again proving that content is still king

Check out the results from a recent report from Campaigner.

Mobile email irritation

Important information if you send email to targets in Canada

There are new laws going into effect in Canada regarding anti-spam. CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) goes into effect on July 1, 2014. It is different than the CAN-SPAM Act, established in the United States in 2003. The biggest difference between CASL and the CAN-SPAM Act in the US is that Canada’s legislation requires consent prior to emailing someone. There will will be a three-year transitional period in which marketers will be permitted to continue sending “CEMs” (electronic messages that encourage participation in commercial activity) to existing customers.

MarketingProfs has posted an interesting infographic regarding this new law in Canada.

CASL graphic

Infographic created by Cakemail

For more information on CASL, click here to go to the official Canadian website.

What is the ROI of video marketing?

No great news that marketers using video are more effective in content marketing. But where is the ROI? In this recorded interview with the Aberdeen Group, they analyze the video marketing ROI and arrived at some interesting conclusions related to the golden ticket (conversion). Read the entire article.

Video ROI